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The Trees

What happens to the trees after you plant them?

What happens to the trees if i return my product?

Can i pick where my trees are planted?

How do you pick where the trees will be planted?

How do i know the trees are actually being planted? can you provide proof?

When are my trees planted? how soon after the purchase?

What types of trees are planted? do you plant only indigenous species?

How long does it take for my trees to grow?

How do i know the trees won’t be cut down?

Is there a dollar value per tree?

How much does someone make planting trees in these areas?

Can you send me some trees?

Can we come plant with you?

Why don't you just plant trees and not sell products?

Why should i care about planting trees?

The Company

What does Sun Trail Seeds do?

How did Sun Trail Seeds start?

Who are the charities you work with? are you a charity?

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