Sun Trail Seeds is all about representing the right values, the right people, and the right products. That is why Sun Trail Seeds is proud to support the TAPin Foundation and the #TAPINNOW movement.

Tanner Alexander Poeschel was an entrepreneur, an outdoorsman, a photographer, a digital marketer, and a loving and loyal friend and family member. He was a dear friend of mine and a source of inspiration and energy that our community looked up to and loved dearly. In July 2017, Tanner passed away in a terrible accident.

After his passing, a tremendous number of people shared stories about how he helped and encouraged those around him. For many that were close to Tanner, he was known as T.A.P. (Tanner Alexander Poeschel). TAPinNOW captures the spirit and essence of Tanner Poeschel, who possessed an innate ability to empathize with friends and strangers alike. He dispensed friendship and compassion at every turn. He also lived life to the fullest. He was disciplined and focused and unafraid. He approached life with a resolve and passion that many only dream of achieving. Whether it was Skiing, fishing, or competitive sports, he lived to be outside in nature and in the elements. He took care of others and the environment and strove to be the best in everything he did.

Through SunTrailSeeds, a company started by entrepreneurs enthusiastic about representing the right values by providing a product that tastes good and does good, we hope to honor Tanner and the #TAPINNOW movement.

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